The Junto (EP)

by The Junto

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released April 22, 2017



all rights reserved


The Junto Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Based in Philadelphia.
Ex-members of Cousin Brian.

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Track Name: The Skin Beneath the Clown
What troubles you my innocent friend?
Has something not been honored by you?
The circus of a man on edge.
I bet that’s not too much for you.
but they would have to drag you to come see it…

the skin beneath the clown
nobody ever wants to see that

The curtain has revealed the creep

they stare at us for eminent glow
with all of it emitted by you
but little do these peasants know
there’s shit completely fucked about you
you gotta take a look just underneath it

the skin beneath the clown
nobody ever wants to see that

The curtain has revealed the creep
Track Name: Sewell
train track town and ancient feelings
come to mind with you not far.
As i think about my old dealings
time becomes just a study of another past


face wide open, how are you feeling?
what’s the pain like? Are you still numb?
perhaps the most disappointing of all
has to be
that there’s no one here
to see it come true
Track Name: Heaven is an Adorable Lie
Nothing found in nature would imply such terms
that so many swear by, yet I could never swallow.
Every implication that we don’t emerge,
we’re trapped on this plane now
with nothing but a motto to die.

Yet we lie to ourselves;
caught up in a fantasy
of purpose made in recompense.
Life is merely just results.
No outcome seems to matter.

heaven is an adorable lie

Thinking like a race will breed a feeling of need;
the want to be judged and to feel the reinforcement.
A childlike invention which may find its seed
appearing in faint minds where death agrees to torment and hide.
Then, why would you appreciate an author
of a story that creates so much
pain for beings cursed with life?
The thoughts that bring you pleasure.

heaven is an adorable lie
(death is all there is)
heaven is a lie

Track Name: Uneasy World
short of fucking with the space time matrix,
I’ve tried everywhere to place my thoughts
where there’s incentive to create and output -
all the pleasures that put me above you
you’re asking me to work on a saturday
It’s a saturday, lady
and if there’s something that can make it worth it
then there’s something to make me doubt.

oh no
uneasy world
i’m tired

and now I’m cold and running
from a ditch where I’d drunkenly thought
that in a moment of unparalleled wisdom
i’d decided that the world was caught faced
with an added day of work every saturday
it’s a saturday, lady
you realize that’s 6 days of work days
an eclipse for the seven day drunk
Track Name: What Am I Doing?
a tale for all unreconciled,
uncompromising foes
for those with bad intentions,
weak impressions, thoughts and goals

a song for shunning reason,
while conducting with a mask
to satisfy, antagonize, and hate
yet still they ask:

what am i doing?

a note to all uncertain’s,
on the fence’s, all alone’s
the world has many pleasures
fit to find and make your own

A story lacks the power
to portray the world we know;
unfortunate and strange,
unentertaining, mostly slow

what am I doing?
some find life overbearing
what am I doing?
I don’t know anymore.
Track Name: Closure
Embrace the post-heat era that some will dub the end
The coming endless darkness, a desperate new trend
Scattering out into all directions, its information gone.
And while your tracks remain uncovered, the search was never on.

Here in the heat-death world
It’s nice to freeze with you
while movement is halting, halting
Time is steering through
Here in the heat-death future
light is leaving me
though energy’s falling, falling
peace can truly be now

A point between directions tearing into two
Aware and keen to mention that neither choice will do
wary of all the new consequences shaping as i act
I’m jumping one of these two fences and landing on my back

it makes no sense to ask you why
it makes no sense to ask you even though,
finally it’s time for peace
since we’re all dying
since we’re all dying
i’ll ask you why
i’ll ask you why
i won’t ask you why