Heaven is an Adorable Lie

from by The Junto



Nothing found in nature would imply such terms
that so many swear by, yet I could never swallow.
Every implication that we don’t emerge,
we’re trapped on this plane now
with nothing but a motto to die.

Yet we lie to ourselves;
caught up in a fantasy
of purpose made in recompense.
Life is merely just results.
No outcome seems to matter.

heaven is an adorable lie

Thinking like a race will breed a feeling of need;
the want to be judged and to feel the reinforcement.
A childlike invention which may find its seed
appearing in faint minds where death agrees to torment and hide.
Then, why would you appreciate an author
of a story that creates so much
pain for beings cursed with life?
The thoughts that bring you pleasure.

heaven is an adorable lie
(death is all there is)
heaven is a lie



from The Junto (EP), released April 22, 2017



all rights reserved


The Junto Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Based in Philadelphia.
Ex-members of Cousin Brian.

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